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Jarred is a Perth based professional photographer and previous music editor that shares his passion for music and travel through pictures of the wild world as he sees it. If you’ve ever questioned Australia’s luring play area, then look no further. Jarred has made a mark around the globe, with several awards under his belt and his snaps will advise you of what it’s like to be alive and filled with marvel.

Instagram account @jarradseng

Design: Travel, music photography
Fans: 171k
Current Destination: Iceland


Growing up around the ocean does lovely things for you, and in this case, Luke’s wonder of the sea produces an amazing photographic experience. Feel small once again with incredible water photography that won Luke the 2014 titles of Surfing Australia’s Surf Photo of the Year and Bodyboarding Photographer of the year.

Instagram Account @lukeshadbolt

Design: Action sports, lifestyle and travel photography
Fans: 106k
Recent destination: Bali, Indonesia


The natural world around us inspires Jason’s work. You’ll discover some of Australia’s best offbeat destinations on his account so be prepared to fall for the outdoors all over again with his landscape and travel pictures from Australia, New Zealand, Kenya and more.

Instagram Account @jasoncharleshill

Design: Travel, experience and lifestyle photography
Followers: 201k
Original location: Utah, United States.


From the eyes of this 19-year-old, Melbourne based professional photographer, the very best minutes of life are the ones you least expect. Whether it’s on the edge of a cliff or top of a mountain, have a look at Matt’s represent a daily dosage of motivation to discover your adventure and accept the beauty around you.

Instagram Account @mattcherub

Design: Adventure and lifestyle photography
Followers: 62.2 k.
Favourite destination: Aoraki, New Zealand.


Based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Steve is a self-declared ‘ocean frother’, recording the sea’s rugged and raw beauty. His gratitude for the natural environment won him the Wyland Reward in 2015 for his collection of ocean photos in the twilight. Without any signs of slowing down, sign up with Steve as he catches his next wave.

Instagram Account @whereswalle.

Style: Browse and oceanic photography.
Fans: 25.5 k.
Current destination: Melbourne, Australia.