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Hello there! My name is Letitia. My complete name Letitia Bowman I am 34 years old and have a fantastic enthusiasm for house living. Given that I was a kid, I always liked to arrange my room so it would end up being neat. On the other hand, most of the kids because age were focusing on playing their toys. As I started to mature, my mother always asked me to arrange the living-room.

Personally, a good set up space can make me so unwind. Nevertheless, arranging an area doesn’t imply you need to make whatever neat. In some cases, you can make something out of order to produce the feel of the home. Arranging a space is creating various level of art. For me, to be a strong understanding of one personality in a room is a work of art.

I didn’t go to any university. Mostly, I enhanced my knowledge through short courses. I likewise gain more experiences through customer orders. When someone asks me either I’m an architect or an interior designer, I always answer it with “I’m a makeup-room artist”.

Connecting with individuals through my works is captivating. It also helps me know the consumer much better. That is why I also acquire more buddies through my occupation.